While service providers may ‘get the job done’, we provide innovative solutions that deliver measurable improvements.

Leveraging unmatched experience and revolutionary technology, we offer safe and sustainable environmental solutions capable of delivering better results with a lot less disruption to your assets, calendar, and wallet.

We’re driving the evolution of environmental solutions, with offerings customized to improve the overall potential, compliance, and beauty of our clients’ properties across North America.


The sky’s the limit (literally) for our fleet of Remotely Piloted Aerial Application Systems. 


We’ll align your vision with the landowners’ expectations to create sustainable landscapes to satisfy all.


Our solutions ensure alignment between project requirements, environmental factors and compliance.

Find out why our retention rate is


“Strongfield is our go-to for a variety of reclamation and vegetation services and they have never let us down. Their approach to solutions over ‘services’ ensures our big picture needs are always considered and delivered. ”

“Strongfield has everything I need and delivers it on time and on budget. It saves us a ton of administrative time working with one team for all our needs, and we have yet to request something from Strongfield they couldn’t deliver. ”

“Strongfield offers the perfect mix of big-company abilities and small-company relationships. They are approachable and candid, and always have time to explain the 5 Ws behind everything they recommend. ”


We offer superior solutions, without the superiority complex.

If you are looking for good people offering great solutions, then look no further than Strongfield Environmental Solutions - we’re driving the evolution of environmental solutions to be fast, financially viable and small-town-vibe friendly.



Environmental Stewards at Work

Over two decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. 

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