Drones improve the efficiency of a number of jobs across multiple industries, and as such, are regularly used for a variety of military, commercial and recreational purposes. 


In 2014, the consumer drone market reached 450,000 units and spiked up to 2 million units in 2015. Over 7.8 million units were recorded in 2021, with exponential growth expectations for 2022 and beyond. 

Additionally, the commercial drone market saw $4.4 billion drones sold in 2018 and experts estimate the growth of up to $63.6 billion in 2025. All this amounts to a whopping 32% CAGR with no end in sight, but with all this growth expectation, who will drones seek to help next?

Drone Services- For Who?

Thanks to its compact size, low operating costs and limitless functionality, there is hardly any facet of life that drones can’t influence. They primarily operate aerially but also have the ability to maneuver small spaces and get to difficult to access areas on land and sea. 

As a result, drones should be considered for a variety of industries currently facing efficiency, accessibility and safety challenges.


Vegetation Management 

Vegetation management controls and eliminates unwanted vegetation to maintain non-destructive interactions between vegetation, man, utilities, and the environment. 

Vegetation managers are starting to explore drone services (RPAAS) or remote piloted aerial application systems to employ intervention measures that are faster, safer and more accurate.


What Drones Can Do For Vegetation Managers

Drones can handle several vegetation management operations, including;

  • Spraying chemicals to kill off unwanted plants
  • Survey and inspect to determine the extent of vegetation invasion
  • Access hard to reach areas 


Drones services are being leveraged in forestry as an optimized way to offer:

  • Surveillance of the forest
  • Tracking livestock movement, health status, and possible encroachment
  • Identifying plant diversification 
  • Identifying pest infestation and diseased trees
  • Efficient and accurate seeding
  • Chemical and fertilizer application

Land Reclamation 

Land reclamation is restoring disturbed land to its original or improved state. 

What Drones Can Do For Land Reclamation 

  • Revegetation
  • Data gathering for 3D models used in reclamation plans
  • Refilling top soil
  • Soil and water quality testing
  • Quality inspection 

Cash Crops 

Drone services can improve the processes and yields of cash crops for vineyards, cannabis LPs and a variety of other outdoor, seasonal growth operations.

What Drones Can Do For Cash Crops

  • Plant inspection 
  • Planting and seeding
  • Precise spraying of pesticides and herbicides
  • Irrigation planning
  • Fertilizer application 
  • Harvesting 
  • Drainage execution
  • Overall inspection and data retrieval of farmlands

Other areas that require drone services include:

  • Commercial deliveries
  • Photography 
  • Filming
  • Security etc.

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