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We conduct all facets of our business with professionalism and courtesy.

RPAAS Technology

Remotely Piloted Aerial Application Systems (RPAAS) technology is being utilized worldwide to increase operator safety, minimize the amount of pesticides used and access tight or hard to reach areas where traditional equipment cannot go. TTA is a worldwide leader in RPAAS technology offering 6 different platforms ranging in size from 5-20L, as well as an interchangeable 20kg granular spreading device that can be installed on the 20L platform in under 5 minutes.

With tens of thousands of aircraft flying worldwide combining for over 1 million flight hours, TTA was a clear choice when we decided to enter the RPAAS world. With the current ability to apply liquid fertilizer, micronutrients, granular fertilizer as well as grass seed with centimetre-precision from these RPAAS platforms, we are revolutionizing the Canadian Vegetation Management industry. Strongfield Environmental Solutions is also spearheading a nationwide working group to gather the required information to responsibly bring pesticide application via RPAAS technology to Canada.

M4E - 5L Capacity

Drone m4e

With its low cost and convenient portability, this is an ideal entry level RPAAS that delivers performance well above its weigh class. With its 5L capacity this unit is perfect for small or difficult to access areas such as gardens, slopes or research plots.

M6E-X RTF - 10L Capacity

Drone m6e x

This 6 rotor RPAAS features a robust dual-pump system feeding 6 motor-mounted spray nozzles. At its price point, this aircraft will not be outperformed in capability, quality or features. Terrain following, fully autonomous flight planning and a waterproof design are features found standard on this aircraft.

M8A Pro - 20L Capacity

Drone m8a pro

The M8A Pro features our largest carrying capacity of 20L. This RPAAS boasts a carbon fibre boom-mounted spray system which can be swapped out for a 20kg capacity granular spreader for seeding grass or spreading fertilizer. This conversion is completed in 5 minutes and makes this unit an industry leader.


Drone sp9 vtol

Fixed wing endurance matched with the VTOL capabilities of a multirotor, the SP9 VTOL offers the best of both worlds. A 1-2hr flight time, 2kg carrying capacity and a wide variety of payload options make this the ideal choice for any large mapping or surveillance mission.

Reclamation Services

Creating sustainable landscapes for our future generations is a core value of Strongfield Environmental Solutions. We have a commitment to aligning the vision of our clients to the expectations of the landowners. From the beginning of the process we work together with all parties involved to create a clear outline of the project. Continuous communication throughout the project ensures all expectations are being met.

Our dedication to the success of our reclamation programs along with our industry experience has enabled us to successfully complete programs throughout a vast majority of the diverse habitats of Western Canada.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Site Inspections
  • Final Clean-Up
  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Primary Seeding
  • Fill Seeding
  • Broadcast Seeding
  • Cover Crops
  • Fertilizing
  • Fencing
  • Chemical Brush Control

Effectively preventing and controlling erosion is can be an integral portion of a successful reclamation project. When required our reclamation programs will incorporate the necessary erosion control products and systems. These may include:

  • Hydroseeding
  • ECB Installation
  • Silt Fencing
  • Tackifier Application
Vegetation Management

Develop project specific integrated pest management (IPM) strategies specifically designed to meet our clients short term goals and long term visions. A key aspect of our strategies is taking a variable approach to our methods in which we align project requirements with environmental factors and industry regulations.

By using all available pest control techniques, we discourage the development of pest populations by keeping pesticides and other interventions to levels that are economically justified and minimize risks to human health and the environment. The balance approach a fully functioning IPM program provides reduces the development of pesticide reliance and resistance development.

Our Programs Include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Pesticide Applications
    • Boom spraying
    • Boomless nozzle applications
    • Backpack spraying
    • Hand Spraying
    • Road side applications
  • Real time GIS tracking and reporting
  • Weed Trimming
  • Rouging
  • Mowing
  • Brush Removal
Skid Steer Services

Our commitment to a reduced environmental footprint is paramount in what we do. Our focus is offering safe, efficient general skid steer services specializing in earth work, seedbed preparation, brush removal, site cleanup and snow removal. We offer a 16x7ft dump trailer to go along with our skid steer services as well as on an individual basis for site cleanups.

Our Services Include:

  • Earth Work
  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Brush Removal
  • Site Cleanup
  • Snow Removal

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Environmental Safety

Employee Training

Industry Leading Equipment



Industrial Pesticide Applicators, H2S Alive
Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C
PST, LSE, Bear Awareness
LEL & Atmospheric Gas Detection
UTV Training, Directive 33/IRP 18
Ground Disturbance


ISNetworld Registered
PICS Auditing Registered
5 Million Commercial Liability
5 Million Auto Liability
Drift Insurance


4X4 spray trucks, tractor with loader,
4X4 spray UTV’S, tillage implements,
4X4 supply trucks, HD rotary mower,
supply trailers, industrial trimmers, backpack sprayers, broadcast spreaders,

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About Us

  • 2006

  • 2019

  • Established as western Canada's vegetation management specialist

    Strongfield Environmental Solutions was founded in 2006 operating as an independent contractor and field operator throughout Alberta. By developing strategic integrated pest management plans and implementing them with industry leading operations Strongfield Environmental Solutions has grown into trusted Environmental Service provider. As the client base grew and service lines expanded Strongfield Environmental Solutions chose the central location of Lacombe to be the base of its operations. Staying committed to our company's core values has been, and will continue to be, the key driving force of our success in the Environmental Industry.

  • Core values

    Personnel safety and the preservation of the environment

    Creating sustainable landscapes for future generations

    Continually expand industry standards by incorporating advancing technologies and innovative strategies

    Provide a work environment which promotes growth and encourages contribution

    Conduct all facets of our business with professionalism and courtesy

    Continuously add value to our clients

The environmental stewards at work

Our team

  • Wade McLean


    Wade is the founder of Strongfield Environmental Solutions. Originally from Strongfield, Saskatchewan Wade graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelors of Science degree specializing in plant science.

    After graduation Wade worked as an Agronomist in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. The experience gained from working in the agronomy field throughout the prairies encouraged Wade to bring new and innovative strategies to the vegetation management industry. Through the commitment to providing the most advanced programs Wade was able to incorporate the addition of both reclamation and erosion control operations to the company services line.

    Wade’s role at Strongfield Environmental Solutions focuses on client and stakeholder relationships, program development and employee mentorship.

  • Cory Southam


    Cory grew up and still lives on a farm near Hawarden, Saskatchewan. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Geology in 2014.

    After graduation, Cory gained experience working for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture as an Irrigation Engineer in the Crops and Irrigation branch. This is his third year with Strongfield Environmental Services and he has recently become a Certified Pesticide Applicator.

    In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and getting back to his SK roots! He pours out excellence on the golf course and in any sporting event be engages in.

    We here at Strongfield Environmental are very grateful to have Cory as one of our supervisors not only because of his educational background and his work experience but also because he is always laying out the mindset of excellence for all our employees! He's a pleasure to work with and be around, for everyone!

  • Tony Blake

    Tony has had a consuming interest in land management and botany for most of his life. After a full career as a CPR conductor, he returned to college to study biology, ecology and physical geography. Tony is familiar with the plants that grow in Alberta’s many diverse habitats and he is particularly interested in the introduced species that often become invasive. He has many years of volunteer and professional experience in vegetation inventory, monitoring and management. As a licensed pesticide applicator, he strives to provide integrated vegetation management that relies on prevention as much as control.

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