Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology is being utilized worldwide to increase operator safety, minimize pesticide use, and increase access to tight or hard-to-reach areas where traditional equipment cannot go.

Equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and software, and capable of performing inspections, mapping, monitoring, seeding, and much more with exceptional accuracy and efficiency, our innovative and growing fleet of UAVs and UGVs is quickly transforming environmental solutions across Canada. 

Conduct Infrastructure Inspections 

Our state-of-the-art drones feature high-definition cameras and sensors that enable them to conduct inspections of hard-to-reach infrastructure such as bridges, power lines, and oil rigs. 

Gather Invaluable Data

Our advanced drone technology utilizes GPS to create precise 3D maps useful for land surveying, construction planning, environmental monitoring, and creating topographical maps.

Execute Precision Seeding

Our drones offer a precise solution for seeding in challenging terrains, including steep hillsides, remote forests, and areas impacted by natural disasters. This technology contributes significantly to reforestation efforts, erosion control, and ecosystem restoration.

Gather Data Beyond the Visual Spectrum

We employ multispectral cameras in our drones to conduct plant surveys and gather data beyond the visible spectrum, enabling in-depth analysis of plant health and growth. This information is essential in optimizing crop yields, monitoring forests, and tracking invasive species.

Detect Thermal Leaks

Our drones, equipped with thermal imaging cameras, can detect temperature variations in equipment, identify leaks, and monitor wildlife populations before they become major problems.

Prevent Erosion & Protect Vegetation

Our fleet of drones can be employed to apply Soil Lynx, a soil stabilization product that helps prevent erosion and protect vegetation. This technique is especially useful in areas affected by wildfires or other natural disasters, as it helps to restore damaged ecosystems.

Enhance Your IPM Strategy 

Although current Canadian regulations prohibit pesticide spraying, drones can be utilized for releasing beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, for pest control in agricultural and horticultural settings. This is a targeted and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pesticide application methods.

Optimize Yields With Precision Fertilization 

Our cutting-edge drones come with advanced sensors and software, which allow for precision fertilization of crops and vegetation. This data can be used to create detailed maps of crop fields and identify areas that require specific nutrients, resulting in optimized crop yield.

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