Every once in a while a machine comes out that has the ability to address a wealth of longstanding challenges for an industry - and for farmers, the XAG R150 is that machine.

XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle is born for the next generation farming thanks to its  unmanned systems, powerful scalability and multiple operation modes.

As the the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind, the XAG R150 has proven its worth across countless applications from precision crop protection to on-farm material delivery and countless additional convenient service offerings.

Unmanned Operations with Smart Control Means One System for Multiple Jobs

Featuring a modular extensible design and optional payload systems, this powerful drone offers precise and efficient jet spraying abilities across a wide range of complex and hard to access terrains.

And thanks to its high-strength steel frame roll cage and adjustable ground clearance it can easily move throughout and between dense orchards and varied terrain allows movement between dense orchards, which makes it the perfect option for wineries.

High-Performance Motor. Small and Manoeuvrable Design

When we say this is the drone for orchards, vineyards and other cash crops, we mean it. 

We recognize that you need to capitalize on whatever time you are given to get your crops the care and attention needed for positive yields.

Fortunately, with four-wheel drive and a maximum torque of 1,000 newton-metres you can rest assured that the XAG’s high-performance brushless motor will quickly provide the power output needed to work quickly.

With a standard operational speed of 1.2 metres per second and a 150 kg load capacity, you can bet it can cover large areas without the need to constantly reload or recharge. And with 0.7 metre minimum turning diameter, it can easily get to the narrowest rows and tightest corners.

When equipped with XAG JetSprayer™ System, R150 can conduct fully autonomous crop spraying operation at a max speed of five hectares per hour thanks to its 100 litre smart liquid tank, adjustable droplets and up to 12 metre spray width that can atomize the liquid into micron-level particles and send them with precise accuracy to your target areas.

XAG R150 conducted spraying in an apple plantation in Vacaria, the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (Source: Timber)

Located in Northeast corner of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Vacaria is a city known in Brazil for its oceanic climate and the large production of apples. The natural benefit of breeding temperate fruit crops is home to RASIP, one of the largest apple producing companies in Brazil.

Due to the capricious weather bringing drought and hail to the blossom season, a trend of production decline in the Fuji variety was negatively affecting RASIP’s yield.

With the aim to seek a more resilient farming solution against climate change and soaring fertilizer prices, RASIP tried out XAG R150 for the first time as part of an apple tree spraying demonstration.

Water sensitive papers were placed among the apple trees to record the spray effect. After the operator programmed the route, the XAG R150 was able to move autonomously along countless rows of apple trees.

Equipped with the JetSprayer system, the XAG R150 was able to accurately deliver the atomized liquid directly onto the targeted branches, showcasing even coverage across all of the water-sensitive papers.

After examining the spray result, RASIP found that the XAG R150 offered a measurable advantage in improving crop protection, making it both easier and more efficient.

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