For some, the term “drone” brings to mind a top-class military weapon used by the US army as far back as 1916. But today, in a fast-paced world and with the rise of innovation across several industries, drones have been seen to offer more value than dropping missiles.


The usage of drones has developed with time and today, whether we are aware of it or not, drones influence almost every area of life. From surveillance to delivery, and a wide range of commercial and industrial uses, drones are leveraged for their agility, efficiency, speed and accuracy for both recreational and professional use. 

Specifically, in the scope of business applications, drone technology serves a variety of commercial purposes for industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, land development, and forestry. 

Practical Business Application For Drones

Land Reclamation 

Simply put, land reclamation defines the restoring of disturbed land to its original or improved state. This applies to energy, oil and gas industries, mining industries and land development sectors. As basic as the definition sounds, land reclamation requires a high level of expertise, compliance with governing policies, and high-end equipment.

In the pursuit of improvement, many are turning to remote piloted aerial application systems (RPAAS, or drones) to leverage their evolved efficiency, safety, and accessibility. Drones effectively handle the following;

  • Mapping and survey of the land to be reclaimed
  • Better data resolution and models for adequate interpretations 
  • Revegetation
  • Soil refilling
  • Re-profiling landscape
  • Soil and water quality test
  • Inspection and monitoring etc.

Cash Crops Cultivation 

The agricultural industry is one of the leading industries in terms of drone usage. Drones are employed in almost every operation in the pursuit of more fruitful yields and economic crops.

Drones undertake the following;

  • Planting and seeding
  • Detection of crop health- identifying pest-infested crops and diseased plants
  • Spraying of chemicals – herbicides, pesticides, etc.
  • Irrigation analysis 
  • Drainage assessment 
  • Gathering crop data 
  • Harvesting


Forestry remains a top source of revenue for several countries, as a result is always seeking new ways to lower costs and maximize performance. Drone optimizes forestry management by providing high end solutions for the following;

  • Tracking of wildlife
  • Up to date report on tree health
  • Planting
  • Spraying of chemicals
  • Gathering overall forest data

Vegetation Management 

Vegetation can become an issue when it encroaches on infrastructures or disrupts the natural balance of an ecosystem —drones aid vegetation managers in the following ways.

  • Investigating and establishing the extent of vegetation invasion
  • Spraying chemicals to kill of unwanted vegetation
  • Aiding intervention in hard-to-reach zones.

And More

Drones still play a huge role in some other businesses. They include;

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Disaster management 
  • Weather forecast
  • Wildlife monitoring

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